Friday, March 29, 2013

Awesome Review of Cuenca Cigars "Cuenca 5th Anniversary" Torpedo

As you know I am always looking and reading cigar reviews. Well I have read the blog by Scot Smyth. Ok a Smith, a Symth , really. Yes Really. Here is a quick paragraph from Linkedin about Scott:

Scott Smyth has organized Long Island Charity cigar events for the past five years and runs a cigar blog called "Scott Smyth's World of Cigars." He has attended and worked side-by-side with some of the biggest names in the cigar industry. Scott is also on social media lists for eight cigar...

Well here is one of his great reviews of the

Cuenca Cigars "Cuenca 5th Anniversary" Torpedo

Click on the link and enjoy the review.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


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Monday, March 25, 2013

They are Finally Here !

The New I SPY CIGARS private line is in. Bundles of 10 to make it easier for any one to afford.

CONNECTICUT, Double Maduro, and The special ROSADO (Red or PINK). Try them today.

A private label line that has the 91 rating.

A beautiful rare limited production red Rosado wrapper surrounds an assortment of select premium Long Filler Caribbean tobaccos delivering a smooth and spicy tasting premium long filler cigar.

A deep, rich flavor from start to finish. Along the way creamy smoothness and subtle spices in a true premium long filler Double Maduro cigar.

Connecticut Shade "SMOKE SCREEN"
A very mild premium cigar blend that exhibits all of the quality and flavor of the most expensive Connecticut Shade cigars sold in the market today. Long on the flavor of a true Connecticut Shade.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Does Size Matters: Long Live the Lancero

This is an awesome article that bears reading. That is why I am re-posting it here:

By Zen Cigar in Cigar Thoughts on Mar 22nd,2013
It's fun to be trendy, right?
For the longest time, the trend has been to make bigger, fatter cigars. Robustos became popular in the 90s during the Cigar Boom, and the trend continued into the new century. it seems that everyone was trying to make a fatter cigar. I think it stems from the American idea of "Go big or go home". America seemed to be infatuated with stronger bigger cigars.
But what did this trend do to the cigar?
Well, in my oh so humble opinion, it devalued the wrapper. How's that, you may be asking?
A cigar wrapper's impact on the overall flavor of the cigar is DIRECTLY proportional to the size of the cigar. The fatter the cigar, the more filler is in the cigar; which means the smaller the ratio of wrapper there is to the total amount of tobacco in the cigar.
The Cubans know what they are doing, and historically their most popular cigars have been thinner cigars. The corona, which averages a 42-44 ring gauge, has more wrapper tobacco than a robusto which averages a 48-54 ring gauge.
Cohiba Lancero
The trend to go big has gotten out of control as cigars began featuring a 54 ring gauge and many a 60+! Don't forget, ring gauge is measured by 1/64th of an inch, so a 60 ring gauge cigar is almost an inch in diameter. That's a big cigar to put in your mouth! And what are you predominantly tasting? That's right, filler.
You hear that this wrapper is aged 5 years, and this wrapper is only found on this farm, and so on; yet all sizes available are over a 50 ring gauge. That blows my mind. if this wrapper is so special, wouldn't you want to taste it?
Enter the Lancero.
The lancero has been popular with many cigar aficionados for quite some time. Before I get too carried away let me state that some folks have been making thin cigars for quite some time, like DavidoffArturo Fuente and Tatuaje to name a few. These sizes were often to please the manufacturers themselves or were lines that were blended for the more refined palate (a seasoned cigar smoker).
El Triunfador
Now it is catching on with the general cigar smoking public. It began with Limited Edition Samplers and sizes, thanks to folks like Don Pepin Garcia, La Flor Dominicana and Rocky Patel; but now Lanceros are showing up in many regular lines (like the Alec Bradley Tempus).
(Now you big ring gauge lovers, don't fret, there's plenty of big ring gauge cigars out there for you to enjoy, and the Big Ring Gauge trend, even with the growing pupularity of thinner cigars, shows no signs of slowing down.)
But, finally (again) the wrapper can now be enjoyed as it should be intended.
So long live the Lancero!
Keep watching I SPY CIGARS. A new Lancero from CVM will be added very soon.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Real Men Smoke Cigars. They also are Firemen. Also FIREWOMEN. Really Women smoke cigars too.

This comes from the website for the 

I SPY Cigars carries these but first a word from the REAL MEN SMOKE CIGARS website:

Brazilian Maduro Wrapper
Nicaraguan Filler
Medium to Full profile
52 x 6"

Now my Review:

Appearance :I give it 4.9 out of 5

The dark maduro wrapper is consistently colored from head to foot and has an excellent touch with no soft spots – the darkness and consistency of color made the wrapper seam dyed, but it is in fact just a great looking and well colored wrapper. The black, copper, and gold band was an excellent choice and pops off the maduro wrapper. The aroma is very pleasant, with a sweet cocoa aroma that only increases toward the foot.  

Construction : I give it 4.7 out of 5
The veins are minimal and hard to notice on the dark wrapper, and the seams are well rolled. There is some definite texture to the HYDRANT, with a rough, dry exterior and some bumps beneath the wrapper, causing it to rise in several spots. The cap is fine, but cut nicely. The foot was perfect and easy to toast. Used a cedar spill to toast and light.

Flavor : I give it 4.85 out of 5

The aroma is very pleasant, with a sweet cocoa aroma that only increases toward the foot. There are also some notes of mild nuttiness of chestnut. On the draw, it reveals an appropriate resistance with flavors that do not stray from the aroma.  

Smoking:  I give it 5 out of 5

On the light, the aroma is very pleasing, with a sweet nutty and thick tobacco. It lights quick and a good pull gets it started evenly. 
These flavors provide a steady introduction into the first third, which does not vary much from the initial few puffs. The HYDRANT has a dry texture to it, causing the flavors to separate from each other, rather than creating a creamy, united core. Moving into the second third, a bit of the dryness fades a mild creaminess compliments the continued cocoa. Along the edges some barnyard notes arrive, mostly of dry hay. Closing out the smoke, the final third does not provide much transition, as this is not a shifty or complex smoke. The primary notes continue to be creamy, as the second third was, and are more gentle than before. 

Value : I give it 4.98 out of 5
This one fits it market perfectly.

Overall Rating : 4.99 out of 5
This was a good cigar with great complexity and balance. 
The construction was very good and the flavor profile was enjoyable.  I’ve enjoyed this line of cigars, especially for the value. The HYDRANT is different, coming in at under $6 a stick. I would recommend this cigar as a box purchase, especially if you frequently entertain guests that are not frequent smokers – they’ll enjoy this one.

Keep watching the website :

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Passover is Coming. Are your Cigars Ready?

 Senor Solomon cigars are Kosher Supervision of America (KSA) certified. I have smoked certified organic and eco-friendly cigars before, as well as cigars having a religious name, but never a Kosher cigar. The ingredients and process of making these Kosher cigars are supervised and certified by a Rabbi. Being Jewish by heritage, keeping KOSHER is for the Orthodox and those keeping the rabbinic laws ( ie Messianic Jews).

Here is just a few bullets about the process:
The Senor Solomon Kosher cigars must meet higher standards than regular cigars in order to have the kosher certification. The rabbi supervises the production from leaf through pilon (fermentation). The box is sealed and shipped; it is supervised through all steps of manufacturing to make sure there is no contamination. The end product is 100 per cent tobacco with no additives, only the naturally occurring aromas and flavors of the pure tobacco leaf.

The differences between regular cigars and these kosher cigars include:
• The tobacco leaves must be grown and stored according to kosher law.
• The glue used must be from tree sap, not a flour (which is a grain) and water composition.
• Rollers of kosher cigars are not allowed to bring any food or beverage to the worktable, and the entire work area is inspected for compilation with kosher rules.
In addition, some standard practices, that most cigars allow, are not allowed such as:
• The outer leaves cannot be cooked in other substances to give it color, smell and texture. Some cigars are cooked in coffee or alcohol (which is a grain product), which is not kosher.
• To enhance flavor oils are often used in other cigars some of which are animal by-products (which are not kosher), to enhance consistency, flavor, color of the ash and the evenness of the burn.
• Fillers and binders, such as wheat and rye grass to enhance the flavor, are often used in cigars, which these kosher cigars do not use.
• In the rolling process, rollers of non-kosher cigars may use sprays which may contain alcohol or other non-kosher ingredients. 
Here in short for more knowledge of KOSHER  it is my understanding that if a product contains fermented or leavened grains, observant Jews cannot have it in their possession during Passover.
Senor Solomon cigars are made in Nicaragua by Gersho Aizenman. According to the company, the JLS perfecto cigar is a new addition to their line. They are available in  Habano, and Maduro wrappers, each having a different strength . 
Thus these are the strengths:
Senor Solomon cigars are available in two tastes:
• FULL BODIED. Their distinguished stout taste is described as full-bodied and intensely flavorful with well-balanced floral flavors and a leather undertone. There are hints of spices and nuts. It ends with whispers of coffee and chocolate.
• MEDIUM TO FULL BODIED. The deep complex taste is smooth, rich and exhilarating with creamy baking spices, eggnog notes and cedar woody undertones. The finish is crisp, relaxing and never overpowering.
I found Senor Solomon to be close to medium bodied at the start, with some unusual spicy/peppery flavors that tamed down after about five minutes. The rest of the cigar was actually very smooth, and more in the mild-to-medium range. The 4½ inch long perfecto shaped cigar that I sampled smoked perfectly for about 25 minutes down to just over one inch remaining. No relights nor touch-ups were needed. I enjoyed the last 20 minutes of the smoke more than the first five minutes, and give my first Kosher cigar a rating of 4½ stars. That was Yesterday
Today I smoked a Senor Solomon Torpedo Maduro 54 x 6.
This cigar was an awesome surprise.
The 6 inch long Torpedo cigar that I sampled smoked perfectly for about 55 minutes down to just over half inch remaining. There were no relights nor touch-ups with this cigar. I enjoyed the last 35 minutes of the smoke more than the first five minutes, and give my Kosher  Senor Solomon Torpedo Maduro 54 x 6 cigar a rating of 4.88 stars out of 5.
Time to visit us at I SPY CIGARS for all your PASSOVER  smoking  needs.


Cuban or Not to Cuban or Boutique or not Boutique? That is the question

I read this today and thought we all need to comment or review this some more if you are in the Cigar or even the tobacco industry,

Here you are:

Boutique or not Boutique? That is the question

OPINION | By Hayward "Lou" Tenney

Hayward ''Lou'' TenneyA while back, when we had our original blog page, we reported on the flippant musings written by the former figurehead of a certain cigar retailer. 

Quoth the maven: Boutique cigars are theoretically limited production cigars made by people no one ever heard of before, and fabricated from tobaccos no one knew existed before. In other words, they're cigars that are targeted for brain dead people who happen to have money to burn.

Besides the obvious offense to smokers of brands like Tatuaje, PadrĂ³n, Jesus Fuego and countless others, it presupposes that use of the term "boutique cigars" is little more than a marketing strategy. Seems to me the term could use some clarification.

To employ a hackneyed device, suggestions: of, designating, or characteristic of a small, exclusive producer or business...
So doesn't this encompass just about every cigar manufacturer? Well, not really. There are a couple billion dollar outfits that produce machine-made and/orhandmade cigars. Altadis (Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Trinidad, etc.) and General Cigar (Macanudo, Partagas, Punch, etc.) come to mind.

Here's the rub: in my experience, those who regularly smoke these "non-boutique" brands tend to be one or two-brand smokers. Call me crazy, but wouldn't "brain dead" sooner describe those who have limited their repertoire to the mechanical "enjoyment" of one or two brands? Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Tatuaje Conujo 2006Okay, so the word "boutique" may not be an ideal descriptor; indeed, a purveyor of women's apparel on Rodeo Drive or a small-batch New England chocolatier are more probable candidates for the designation. But as I clip and toast my Cojonu 2006…Mmmm, damn that's good…Well, I forgot what I was going to say.
What defines a boutique cigar manufacturer? Sales? Size of operation? Please share your thoughts with a comment.

Ok here is the real rub. 80% of all the Cigars I SPY Carries are from the small batch , single line manufacturers. 
So based on the quote of the Maven we here are brain dead. Well let me say far from that.
After finding some of these "B" cigars, I have found some that in my opinion surpass the NAME BRANDS and in some cases even better the best pre-embargo Cubans. So now it is time for your two cents. Let me Know.