Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cigar Quote of the Day

Cigar Quote of the Day:

"Any cigar smoker is a good friend, because I know how he feels."
-- Alfred de Musset

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Swisher International ventures into premium market

Breaking News from MY Cigar Inspector. This is reprinted from:
By Inspector on Feb 19, 2013 01:57 pm

Swisher International ventures into premium market.

Swisher International ventures into premium cigar market
Swisher International is a cigar company better known for quantity than for quality. Swisher sells more than 1 billion cigars every year to customers in over 60 countries around the world. The company, founded in 1861 by David Swisher, is highly successful, and its Swisher Sweets cigar is the bestselling cigar in America. Nonetheless, its cigars have never approached the kind of quality you’d expect in a premium cigar. This is why premium cigar companies usually produce and sell far fewer cigars every year — it takes time and energy to produce that kind of quality consistently.
Swisher is now forming Royal Gold, a division which will be headed by cigar industry giant Alex Goldman. The cigars produced by Royal Gold will be very different from Swisher’s other fare. They will all be hand rolled, and will range widely in price, starting around $2.00 and going up to $10.00 for the high-end cigars.
“Royal Gold is a fresh start in the premium business for Swisher International,” explains Goldman in Cigar Aficionado. “Royal Gold will produce and market great handmade cigars at reasonable prices for the discriminating premium cigar connoisseur.”
Goldman comes from a family of tobacconists spanning back four generations. He is best known for running House of Oxford and Mom’s Cigars. In the interview, he describes the first cigar planned for release by Royal Gold as an inexpensive cigar called Gold Strike, which will cost about $2.00. The new cigar will be rolled in Nicaragua and will contain tobaccos grown in Tampa, Florida. Consumers can look to see it on sale as early as this April or May.
Over the summer months, we should start seeing some of the more expensive premium cigars from Royal Gold debuting at the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers show. The first three premium cigars will include tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The least expensive will cost about $4.50 and the priciest will be around $8.50.
This is not Swisher’s first foray into premium cigars. Previously the company invested a lot of money into erecting factories in Honduras and the Dominican Republic to hand roll premium cigars. In 2002, the company shut down the premium division to focus on cheaper machine-rolled cigars. What will be different this time around? Swisher International isn’t investing money in new factories, but is instead partnering with existing factories to produce its new premium cigars.
Fans who enjoyed some of the old premium cigars made by Swisher International will be glad to know some of their old favorites are being resurrected. One familiar old cigar that will be making a comeback is the Casino Gold. How different this new cigar will be from the original hasn’t been discussed in detail.
Goldman is enthusiastic about being able to bring the associations he has cultivated over the years into play, stating that those will form the basis of the new operation. “Royal Gold cigars will be working with various factories and cigar personalities in Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic that I have had relationships with for years through my experience as a wholesaler, retailer, brand owner and distributor.” 

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Monday, February 18, 2013



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Friday, February 15, 2013

Room 101 Shirt. Do you have one Real Men do.

Need to see this today!!

Co-Branding of Room 101 & Real Men Smoke Cigars©
Official "The FU" Limited Edition Cigar Split-Pocket© shirt
Matt Booth has personally approved 101 of these shirts to be made as shown.
Only 101 of these shirts will be produced and numbered in order, as ordered.
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Black shirt with White stitching and "The Fu" in blood red embroidery.

I got my Shirt last week. #56

Awesome shirt 

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Make yourself Kisaable

Hey All. Hope today is warm and full with love. I Saw this the other day. Tried it and it worked. Thought I need to blog for you to try. I also thought you may want to try it today so you are kissable. Thanks

The Cure for “Cigar Breath” Found!

Smoking breath
A malady that has long plagued the cigar smoking man (and woman)… Cigar Breath!
No matter how much you brush your teeth or your tongue or your face, it's still there!
Try as you might, no mint or spray can hide the Funk that is Cigar Breath.
Until now!
That’s right, for only a couple of bucks at your neighborhood grocer, you too can eliminate that noxious odor that emanates from the depths of your mouth after you’ve enjoyed your favorite cigar of choice.
What is it you ask? It’s…
Fennel seeds
Fennel seeds!
That’s right, pop 10 or 15 in your mouth and suck on them for a couple of minutes, you will taste licorice from the seeds, but more importantly when you spit the seeds out, your cigar breath is ‘Poof!’ gone!
I stumbled on this due to my love of Indian cuisine. Instead of a little tin of mints, they will often have a little plate of anise seeds, fennel seeds and licorice candies. I love the taste of licorice so I got some of the ingredients to make a batch of mine at home.
I just so happened to have smoked a cigar prior and upon spitting out the seeds I noticed my cigar breath was gone, the wife didn’t even comment on my breath (and she ALWAYS does).
If you can handle the taste of licorice, give fennel seeds a try and see if it works for you.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Anatomy of a Cigar Humidor

This is an article from CIGAR ADVISOR.

I could not improve on the details or information so here it is:

Anatomy of a Cigar Humidor

(or How to Turn A Cheap Humidor Into a Cigar Sanctuary)
By Robustojoe

RobustojoeThe trouble with cigar humidors…To some avid cigar smokers, cigar humidors can multiply like rabbits.  When I first started smoking cigars I had one lonely box on a desk, and before I knew it, I had acquired more humidors than I had places to put them.  But that's a natural evolution for a cigar-lover, especially one who follows ratings and recommendations of online cigar reviews (and is always buying new cigars faster than can be consumed).
When we first get started with the cigar obsession, many of us buy the least expensive humidor we can find.  After all, we start with only a handful of cigars, often recommended by a cigar store clerk who also directs us to a humidor in which to keep them.  He tells us about conditioning the box and instructs us to put that 50/50 solution in the black rectangular sponge thing.  But what he doesn't tell us is that the humidor is barely suited to protect and condition our cigars.  The problems are not obvious because even inferior humidors can look beautiful.  That's how the manufacturers get us to buy them.  Conversely, expensive humidors can have the same deficiencies as that of the cheaper ones.
So what makes a humidor effective?humidor w/o cedar wallsThere are two major differences between an inferior humidor and a "real" humidor.  (Real being one designed to adequately protect your cigars).  One is wall thickness and the other being a lining of Spanish cedar planks rather than a thin veneer.  It stands to reason that the thicker the wall, the more moisture retention the humidor will have, and this is certainly true.  But the addition of cedar planks will not only add more wall thickness to the humidor, it will also keep the cigars further from the materials used to construct the box.  Today's humidors are often made from particleboard and not from solid wood.  (The highest quality humidors are made from solid wood but can be prohibitively expensive).  Particleboard is made from wood scraps left over from sawmills, combined with a binding agent and pressed into thick sheets.  Although the resins used to make particleboard are considered environmentally safe, it does contain formaldehyde. (I'd rather my cigars not spend years in a formaldehyde environment, but that's just me.  So the barrier of additional cedar seems desirable.)  But most importantly, particleboard is not resistant to moisture.  This translates to poor moisture containment within the humidor.  The addition of a layer of solid Spanish cedar adds insulation and helps to maintain the humidors desired internal humidity.
hummidor w/cedar liningAnd there is another weak link in many humidors, even some with cedar plank lining.  That is the very thin wood used at the bottom of the boxes.  I have eleven humidors and many of them have this hidden flaw.
But there is hope...If you are a little handy and have a miter box, you can turn an inexpensive humidor into a "real" humidor.  By performing an EBay search for "Spanish Cedar" you can usually find people selling exactly what you need…inexpensive ¼ inch planks of kiln dried Spanish cedar.  By measuring and cutting you can create a true cedar lining and a thicker, more protective humidor bottom.  And the improvement is well worth the effort.  The additional insulation will help the humidor retain moisture and the internal humidity will be more reliable.  As a result, your cigars will be better conditioned, which in turn will age them properly.
When buying a new humidor...When buying new humidors it is good to look for boxes that have these features, and price is not necessarily an indicator of quality.  Some cheap humidors have them while some expensive ones don't.  ItTreasure Dome humidor has been my experience that when researched, it is possible to get a very good humidor at a very reasonable price and, invariably, the boxes with the thick, cedar lining will give the best performance.  Sometimes they require additional wood on the bottom but if the humidor is kept in a stable environment, and on a solid piece of furniture, the bottom modification is not that crucial.
Joe's recommendation...Of all the humidors I've gotten over the years, I have two favorites. The first being my beat-up, Diamond Crown humidor that I bought used on EBay,  They have thick cedar lining on the sides and bottom, and retain moister beautifully. My other recommendation is the Treasure Dome humidor.  It's got great features, is very effective, and can store a large number of cigars - up top 250. It's huge for a desktop humidor and available for about $150, but you can get it for even less on sale.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Black Gold 5 Vegas Gold Maduro

As you know I SPY CIGARS is carrying the 5 Vegas lines of Cigars.

I SPY CIGARS Presents:

5 Vegas Gold Maduro

Size: 5×50, Robusto
Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran
Strength: Mild/Medium
Price: Box of 20,  CLICK for PRICE

We are big fans of 5 Vegas here at I SPY CIGARS – their lines are consistent in construction and flavor, and they are always available at an exceptional value. We’ve bought and enjoyed boxes of the Classic and the Gold, and also enjoyed the Series A. So, when the Gold Maduro was released, we hopped at the chance to split a sampler – the filler is the same as that found in the Gold line, which is the best selling cigar within the 5 Vegas lineup. The stick utilizes a Pennsylvania Broadleaf, which we were also excited about. Most people are accustomed to finding Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrappers on powerhouse smokes, such as the, 5 Vegas AAA, and the La Herencia Cubana Oscuro, among others. The 5 Vegas Gold Maduro presents a less powerful version, allowing milder smokers to enjoy this excellently flavored wrapper.
Nestor Plasencia and the folks behind 5 Vegas have been working on the Gold Maduro blend for nearly five years. The Plasencia family grows around 3,400 acres every year, spread across Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras, and has worked with each of the 5 Vegas line of cigars.
We’re excited about this one, so let’s get to the review.

Now my Review:

Appearance :I give it 4.7 out of 5

The dark maduro wrapper is consistently colored from head to foot and has an excellent touch with no soft spots – the darkness and consistency of color made the wrapper seam dyed, but it is in fact just a great looking and well colored wrapper. The black, copper, and gold band was an excellent choice and pops off the maduro wrapper. The aroma is very pleasant, with a sweet cocoa aroma that only increases toward the foot. There are also some black cherry notes alongside a mild nuttiness. On the draw, it reveals an appropriate resistance with flavors that do not stray from the aroma. 

Construction : I give it 4.6 out of 5
The veins are minimal and hard to notice on the dark wrapper, and the seams are well rolled. There is some definite texture to the Gold Maduro, with a rough, dry exterior and some bumps beneath the wrapper, causing it to rise in several spots. The cap is fine, but cut nicely. The foot was perfect and easy to toast. Used a cedar spill to toast and light.

Flavor : I give it 4.85 out of 5

The aroma is very pleasant, with a sweet cocoa aroma that only increases toward the foot. There are also some black cherry and black raspberry, notes alongside a mild nuttiness of chestnut. On the draw, it reveals an appropriate resistance with flavors that do not stray from the aroma. 

Smoking:  I give it 5 out of 5

On the light, the aroma is very pleasing, with a sweet berry and thick tobacco. It lights quick and a good pull gets it started evenly. 
These flavors provide a steady introduction into the first third, which does not vary much from the initial few puffs. The Gold Maduro has a dry texture to it, causing the flavors to separate from each other, rather than creating a creamy, united core. Moving into the second third, a bit of the dryness fades a mild creaminess compliments the continued cocoa. Along the edges some barnyard notes arrive, mostly of dry hay. Closing out the smoke, the final third does not provide much transition, as this is not a shifty or complex smoke. The primary notes continue to be creamy, as the second third was, and are more gentle than before.
The draw proves to be loose, presenting a likewise loose ash and quick burn. The ash is evenly colored and the burn line is consistent throughout, all while maintaining a cool burn.

Value : I give it 4.88 out of 5
This one fits it market perfectly.
Overall Rating : 5 out of 5
This was a good cigar with great complexity and balance. 
The construction was decent and the flavor profile was enjoyable.  I’ve enjoyed this line of cigars, especially for the value. The Gold Maduro is no different, coming in at under $4 a stick. I would recommend this cigar as a box purchase, especially if you frequently entertain guests that are not frequent smokers – they’ll enjoy this one.

Keep watching the website :


Monday, February 4, 2013

The CANON Roared

 As you know I SPY CIGARS is in the process of bring in an awesome Double Maduro line.
The Canon I had last night during the Super Bowl was unlike, I have never ever had before.

Here is some info before the review:

I SPY CIGARS Double Maduro
Bundled in 20 Packs
Medium to Full Body
A deep, rich flavor from start to finish. Along the way creamy smoothness and subtle spices. It's truly a journey in flavor. A dark Habano wrapper with Nicaragua fillers.
Draw tested and purge free.
 An awesome premium Maduro at a great value. There are very few cigars at this value most are called premiums and most are double to triple the cost. We at I SPY CIGARS made this cigar for the people who demand a quality smoke for under $4.00 and change.
We know price does not buy you quality in this age of mass produced cigars. Burn issues and soft spots along with a bitter after taste are found in so many cigars today. Not this one! Enjoy a true value with the quality you expect from our company.
Available in the following sizes in Bundles of 20:
Little SPY - Robusto (5 x 50)
Double Agent - Belicoso (6 x 54)
The  "Q" ( Top agent) -Canon (6 x 60)
Blend: (Double Maduro)
Habano Nicaragua 2000 Wrapper
Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaragua Maduro,

Now my Review:

Appearance :I give it 4.99 out of 5
Very sleek CANON ,Firm body easy to cut cap. ( I use a V-Cutter). No bumps or out place veins on the cigar that I could feel. (to remind the readers I am 100% blind)

Construction : I give it 5 out of 5
The construction is far above par with the popularity of this cigar. Well made, a perfectly firm but not too much. The foot was perfect and easy to toast. Used a cedar spill to toast and light.

Flavor : I give it 5 out of 5
Double Maduro has notes of dark chocolate, grass, and coffee. The foot has a scent made up of spice, cocoa, grass, and coffee. I use a V-Cut to prepare smoking the Double Maduro, which is my preferred method of smoking 60 gauge sticks, and on the cold draw there is a flavor which is a mix of coffee, cocoa, grass, and a nice rich spice.  The strength of this cigar isn’t overwhelming, but certainly full with a body to match.

Smoking:  I give it 5 out of 5
Double Maduro opens up with notes of deep rich dark chocolate, coffee, rich spices, a nice oak spice, and just a bit of earth as well. The flavor is delicious, well blended, and very rich. The light mix of spices warms the palate ever so slightly between draws, with a nice coffee and oaky flavor which finishes on the palate. In the first third, the strength is around medium to full, slightly on the fuller side. The draw is excellent, providing a full body of rich, cool, smooth smoke.
Into the second third, the spices kick up a bit, but do not overpower the oak, coffee, or dark chocolate flavors. The earthiness from the first third seems to have faded out of the flavor profile at this point. Now the flavor is reaching a nice complexity and an excellent balance with the spices playing off the deep, yet slightly sweet dark chocolate and coffee flavors. The blend still warms the palate slightly and provides a long finish.
During the final third of the Double Maduro, there is really any evolution to the flavor profile, the blend of spices, dark chocolate, coffee,grass, earth, and oak flavors all remain. The strength does kick up to the lower end of the full spectrum, and is giving me a great buzz. The ash holds very solid, easily past the two inch point. The burn has been about razor sharp for the entire smoke and hasn’t required any touch ups. The draw is still excellent, easily providing a full body of the rich, cool, smooth smoke.
Value : I give it 5 out of 5
This one fits it market perfectly.
Overall Rating : 5 out of 5
This was a stunning cigar with great complexity and balance. 

The I SPY CIGARS DOUBLE MADURO will be available soon. Keep watching the website :