Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Trip to Perdition

As most of my readers know and  I am a smoker of the maduro and double maduro cigars. So when I had a chance to look at and try the Viva Republic rapture line I thought she I didn't see a maduro offhand this is a good be a good cigar but I'll try it anyway.
First off, the perdition was firm intriguing smell. Before I go into what I call my rapture experience here some information about the rapture perdition and the rapture line.

 It's  Perdition – 4.5″ x 50 – Robusto

Ecuadorian Havana Vuelta Abajo

Dominican Corojo

Nicaraguan, Brazilian, Dominican
  • Perdition – 4.5″ x 50 – Robusto
  • Revel – 5.5″ x 54 – Toro
  • Exodus – 6.25″ x 52 – Torpedo
  • Harasha – 6″ x 58 – Gordo
$7.90 to $9.10
Flavor Notes:
Sugarcane, spice, fruit, earth, cedar, bread
Medium to Full
20 count boxes
The above information came from the company website.

So how did this smoking a rapture experience come about and what was it like and what did I taste and feel.
Now my Review:

Appearance :I give it 4.8 out of 5
Very sleek Robusto ,Firm body easy to cut cap. ( I use a V-Cutter). No bumps or out place veins on the cigar that I could feel. (to remind the readers I am 100% blind)

Construction : I give it 5 out of 5
The construction is far above par with the popularity of this cigar. Well made, a perfectly firm but not too much. The foot was perfect and easy to toast.

Flavor : I give it 4.85 out of 5

The wrapper has a sweet smell similar to fruit and cedar with a bit of pepper while the foot reminds me of coco.  The initial draw greets me with cedar on the front along with oak and nuts.  There is also a large earthly flavor.  As I enter the first third, the pepper tones are gone, solid oak and coffee notes are most noticeable as the flavors feel rich but balanced.  The strength is already a solid medium moving upwards.  This third finishes off with creamy texture.
The second part continues with a creamy and sweet with a hint of fruit tartness flavor profile.  The coco notes are back and more present with oak and earth on the finish.  
I’m enjoying the aroma of cocoa and mild spices filling the air.  I can feel the strength increasing but not yet to a full. Smoking through the last part, there is more depth to the flavors, creamy, less oak, more cedar and a proper amount of earthiness is introduced to the mix.   The strength of this cigar isn’t overwhelming, but certainly full with a body to match.

Value : I give it 5 out of 5
This one fits it market perfectly.

Overall Rating : 4.9 out of 5
This was a stunning cigar with great complexity and balance. 

Final Thoughts:
  • I found the flavor profile enjoyable.  The variety of flavors made this cigar interesting throughout the review.  The balance between coco, oak, coffee and spices was quite impressive as none of them overwhelmed the cigar.
  • Simplicity.  The construction was very good with draw that I absolutely enjoyed.
  • Needless to say, this cigar wouldn’t be for beginner smokers as the nicotine content is fairly high.  However, while it’s not a morning stick, the Viva Republica Rapture Perdition could be something that I would smoke after dinner.
  • This is a cigar I could see myself picking up a ten pack to let them rest a bit and see how they develop. 
  • I think the price point is more than fair as my one cigar were slow burning and lasted almost 1 hour.
  • As a first time release from Jason Holly, I think this cigar makes quite an impression on the smoker. The La Aurora Factory and Guillermo Leon produce some excellent cigars and yet I wouldn’t have thought this to come from there because of the variation in flavors.( parts of this review came from two other smokers with me at the time)

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