Thursday, January 31, 2013

PINK CIGARS? Now what?

No not really pink. Try ROSADO. Yes the new word for the day is ROSADO.

One of the more uncommon wrapper shades is Rosado, which translates to “rosy” or “pinkish” in Spanish. These wrappers have a distinct reddish hue and are extremely difficult to grow outside of Cuba, which means that only a handful of companies are lucky enough to have a supply of this leaf. This makes Rosado-wrapped cigars rare and highly sought after. Typically, these cigars are very spicy with notes of cedar, coffee, earth, and pepper.

Here is an example of ROSADO colors in wrappers.

There are very few cigars in the market that use Rosado wrappers but the few that do have a loyal following. The reddish color comes from various strains of tobacco and from the growing conditions. The Cuban Parejo by Perdomo is grown with Nicaraguan seed and comes with both a Rosado and Maduro wrap. Coming in big ring gauges allows this cigar to make use of the Rosado wrap to deliver a full, complex taste. Another Rosado wrapped offering from Perdomo, Dos Rios, is grown in Ecuador with an Indonesian seed tobacco. A very economical priced cigar, Dos Rios comes in a box-press and has very spicy overtones. Taking the Rosado wrap to an extreme is La Estrella Cubana, which is cured with Sangria wine smoothing out the spicy overtones.

I SPY CIGARS will shorty have it own ROSADO line available.

Here is what I SPY CIGARS is offering:

Draw tested and purge free.
Strength: Mild to Medium Body


So now that you know about the "PINK CIGAR" try it soon for an awesome smoke.

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