Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review the new I SPY CIGARS Habano Maduro

What do you think? Sample of a Habano Maduro. Soon to be the newest Private label for I SPY CIGARS.
Just smoked the first sample.

#1 Great wrapper leaves have to be elastic and must have no protruding veins.
Fits this to a tee.

#2 The filler is made of separate leaves folded by hand along their length, to allow a passage through which smoke can be drawn when the cigar is lit.

Great draw and Toasted very evenly. Did not draw hot up the stick.

#3 Using a a V-cutter to cut this premium cigar.

Cut was easy and even and draw was perfect.

#4 Most premium handmade cigars (those costing from $3 to $30 each) will hold a very long ash before falling off. The ash on cheaper cigars tends to flake easily and fall off more frequently. Properly grown and maintained cigar tobacco will have a whiter ash than the sometimes very gray ash produced on lower-quality cigars.

This sample held it ash for over 50% of the smoke.

#5 Pick the color wrapper you prefer - dark or light. Gently feel the cigar between your fingers (don't roll it because that could cause the wrapper to crack) to see if it's too moist or too dry. Inspect the construction of the cigar to ensure there are no cracks in the wrapper and the cap is in good condition. While some cigar smokers like to hold the cigar up to their nose and sniff the product, others find this distasteful when they see someone put a cigar up to their nose and then put it back in the box. If you must smell the tobacco, just hold your nose 12 inches over the box of opened cigars and take a breath; this should be sufficient to determine the bouquet of the cigar.

This Maduro Habano has come in above these five items and
was an awesome smoke.

I can not wait to stock this one. +I SPY CIGARS, +ROBIN RUSHLO

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